Our mission is to share our blended industry, technical, and procurement knowledge with clients to help them identify, assess, and negotiate cost-effective, reliable, and scalable infrastructure solutions.


Our history and purpose

Since 2015 CloudAdvise has partnered with some of the most successful companies in the world to procure and assist in building top-notch technology infrastructures that enable successful execution of their business strategy.

We leverage decades of infrastructure experience across dozens of industries to help technology companies and Information Technology leaders to procure best in class infrastructure services across the globe.

We started CloudAdvise to address a key common challenge companies face — how to identify reliable technology infrastructure vendors that offer best in class and emerging infrastructure innovations, and procure them at the lowest possible cost. We established CloudAdvise to take technology procurement processes to the next level and show our clients excellent returns on investment.

CloudAdvise helped me navigate the long lineup of solution providers in various markets, understand pros and cons across solutions

Brent Nielsen

Senior Vice President, Technology
Connect Cloud Platform and Services
The Nielsen Company LLC

CloudAdvise always have up-to-date market analytics, including “behind the scenes” information such as what others are paying for services, who’s acquiring whom, and other provider insider information that may impact our buying decisions

Orit Yaron

Vice President, Cloud Platform
Outbrain Inc.

CloudAdvise team is always available and has unmatched, high-quality service

Benny Zaidenberg

Technology Senior Director
Amdocs Inc.

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