We Are CloudAdvise

Having a deep understanding of the role technology plays, not just locally but globally, is vital in today’s environment. Our senior leadership team possesses decades of procurement experience across all areas of infrastructure. We’ve worked with some of the best and brightest companies in the world, from New York City to Milan to Chennai to Hong Kong to Santa Clara to Dallas — and back.

This is our story

After decades of experience working in infrastructure, we noticed that the technology groups within companies were taking on the task of procurement … even though they lacked the skills required for finding the best vendors at the best prices. Additionally, we saw that more and more companies had far too few qualified technical people to support emerging technologies. Because of this, we started CloudAdvise.

From Cloud to Security to Network Infrastructure and Data Center, we developed a consortium of some of the leading technologists in the world. With access to these brilliant minds, we gained the ability to provide our customers with the right vendor selection decisions for their organizations.

A group of experts in these areas

Cloud infrastructure

Including the ancillary products necessary to support and ensure that companies are operating as efficiently as possible

Cyber Security

From basic penetration testing to CISO-as-a-Service, deception, phishing, remediation and forensics


All innovative products that ensure the necessary redundancy and latency needed to operate at peak efficiencies

Global Data Center

Where we’ve identified the best-in-class providers in both major and remote world markets to help customers understand how these data centers can play a role in their current and future hybrid infrastructure needs

As more and more companies and vendors join our ranks, we will continue to build the value in our data.


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