Even when companies understand that they must immerse themselves in new technologies to satisfy their customers and beat their competitors, that doesn’t mean they have the in-house expertise to accomplish it. That’s why we don’t just supply our customers with resources and connections — we educate them on how to make smart purchasing decisions, and we provide them with experts who can help them adopt emergent technologies quickly and efficiently.

Procurement as a Service

As technology groups within organizations reluctantly take on larger procurement roles, they have less and less time to devote to building and maintaining their companies’ technological needs. And because procurement requires finely-tuned skills such as vendor research, sales funnel management and the art of negotiation, most technologists (who lack these skills) would prefer to remain focused on technology.

That’s where we come in: With decades of experience in technology procurement, we act as an extension of tech departments’ staff, keeping them focused on their core competencies and ensuring they get the best vendors, terms and economics available.

Coop-Based Pricing

Economics always play a large role in most companies’ buying decisions. Historically, larger companies and bigger spenders have the leverage to attain better pricing; between all of our vendors, partners, networks and consortiums, we buy tens of millions of dollars of infrastructure each year. We leverage this buying power in a COOP model to ensure companies get the best services at the best prices. Combined with years of data points around market price economics, our clients have every reason for confidence about their purchasing decisions.

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